Cookie Policy

  1. Introduction
1.1. This Cookie Usage Policy explains how SC Metal Tehnic Hidraulic SRL uses cookies and similar technologies in accordance with the provisions of Romanian law and Directive 2002/58/EC on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector.  
  1. What are Cookies
  2.1. Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s device when they visit our website. They contain information that facilitates user recognition and enhances the browsing experience.  
  1. Purpose of Using Cookies
  3.1. SC Metal Tehnic Hidraulic SRL uses cookies to analyze how users interact with the website, personalize content, and improve site functionality.   3.2. We use cookies to collect anonymous information about the usage of the website, including visited pages, time spent on the site, and previously accessed pages.  
  1. Types of Cookies
  4.1. We use the following types of cookies:
  1. a) Necessary cookies for site operation: These enable basic functionality of the site and are essential for its proper use.
  2. b) Performance cookies: These help us understand how users interact with our website, improving the overall user experience.
  3. c) Functionality cookies: These allow personalization and enhancement of the user experience, such as remembering selected preferences.
  1. Control of Cookies
  5.1. Users have the ability to control cookie settings through their browsers. They can also delete or block cookies at any time, but this may impact site functionality.  
  1. Information and Contact
  6.1. For detailed information about the cookies used by SC Metal Tehnic Hidraulic SRL and to exercise your rights in accordance with personal data protection legislation, please contact our privacy department at the email address .   This Cookie Usage Policy has been developed to comply with Romanian law and to inform users about the use of cookies on the SC Metal Tehnic Hidraulic SRL website.
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